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NBER Working Papers and Publications

August 2020Global Business and Financial Cycles: A Tale of Two Capital Account Regimes
with Julien Acalin: w27739
June 2020An Event Study of COVID-19 Central Bank Quantitative Easing in Advanced and Emerging Economies
with Jonathan S. Hartley: w27339
April 2020Voluntary and Mandatory Social Distancing: Evidence on COVID-19 Exposure Rates from Chinese Provinces and Selected Countries
with Alexander Chudik, M. Hashem Pesaran: w27039
Estimating Macroeconomic Models of Financial Crises: An Endogenous Regime-Switching Approach
with Gianluca Benigno, Andrew Foerster, Christopher Otrok: w26935
March 2020Capital Flows, Real Estate, and Local Cycles: Evidence from German Cities, Banks, and Firms
with Peter Bednarek, Daniel Marcel te Kaat, Chang Ma: w26820
December 2019Capital Controls: A Survey of the New Literature
with Chang Ma: w26558
October 2019Optimal Policy for Macro-Financial Stability
with Gianluca Benigno, Huigang Chen, Christopher Otrok, Eric R. Young: w26397
February 2018Uncertainty and Economic Activity: A Multi-Country Perspective
with Ambrogio Cesa-Bianchi, M. Hashem Pesaran: w24325
September 2017International Credit Supply Shocks
with Ambrogio Cesa-Bianchi, Andrea Ferrero: w23841

Published: Ambrogio Cesa-Bianchi & Andrea Ferrero & Alessandro Rebucci, 2017. "International credit supply shocks," Journal of International Economics, . citation courtesy of

June 2017International Credit Supply Shocks
with Ambrogio Cesa-Bianchi, Andrea Ferrero
in NBER International Seminar on Macroeconomics 2017, Jeffrey Frankel, Hélène Rey, and Charles Engel, organizers
May 2016Does Easing Monetary Policy Increase Financial Instability?
with Ambrogio Cesa-Bianchi: w22283

Published: Cesa-Bianchi, Ambrogio & Rebucci, Alessandro, 2017. "Does easing monetary policy increase financial instability?," Journal of Financial Stability, Elsevier, vol. 30(C), pages 111-125. citation courtesy of

Optimal Capital Controls and Real Exchange Rate Policies: A Pecuniary Externality Perspective
with Gianluca Benigno, Huigang Chen, Christopher Otrok, Eric R. Young: w22224

Published: Gianluca Benigno & Huigang Chen & Christopher Otrok & Alessandro Rebucci & Eric R. Young, 2016. "Optimal Capital Controls and Real Exchange Rate Policies: A Pecuniary Externality Perspective," Journal of Monetary Economics, . citation courtesy of

February 2015Capital Control Measures: A New Dataset
with Andrés Fernández, Michael W. Klein, Martin Schindler, Martín Uribe: w20970

Published: Andrés Fernández & Michael W Klein & Alessandro Rebucci & Martin Schindler & Martín Uribe, 2016. "Capital Control Measures: A New Dataset," IMF Economic Review, Palgrave Macmillan;International Monetary Fund, vol. 64(3), pages 548-574, August. citation courtesy of

November 2013Are Capital Controls Prudential? An Empirical Investigation
with Andrés Fernández, Martín Uribe: w19671

Published: Journal of Monetary Economics Volume 76, November 2015, Pages 1–14 Cover image Are capital controls countercyclical? Andrés Fernándeza, , Alessandro Rebuccib, , Martín Uribec, d, ,

June 2010External Capital Structures and Oil Price Volatility
with John D. Burger, Francis E. Warnock, Veronica Cacdac Warnock: w16052

Published: Burger, J., A. Rebucci, F. Warnock, and V. Warnock, 2010. External Capital Structures and Oil Price Volatility. Journal of Business, Finance and Economics in Emerging Economies. 5(2): 1-37.

February 2007The Valuation Channel of External Adjustment
with Fabio Ghironi, Jaewoo Lee: w12937

Published: Ghironi, Fabio & Lee, Jaewoo & Rebucci, Alessandro, 2015. "The valuation channel of external adjustment," Journal of International Money and Finance, Elsevier, vol. 57(C), pages 86-114. citation courtesy of

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