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Department of Social Sciences
United States Military Academy
West Point, NY 10996

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NBER Working Papers and Publications

July 2016Who's the Boss? The Effect of Strong Leadership on Employee Turnover
with Susan Payne Carter, Whitney Dudley, John Z. Smith: w22383
Despite the importance placed on supervision in the workplace, little is known about the effects of a boss’ leadership quality on labor market outcomes such as employee job retention. Using plausibly exogenous assignment of junior officers to bosses in the U.S. Army, we find positive retention effects for those assigned to immediate and senior bosses who are good leaders. These effects are strongest for officers with high SAT scores. Junior officers who share the same home geographic region, high SAT, and undergraduate institution as their bosses who also have strong leadership qualities retain at the highest rates.

Published: Susan Payne Carter & Whitney Dudley & David S. Lyle & John Z. Smith, 2019. "Who's the Boss? The effect of strong leadership on employee turnover," Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, .

May 2015The Impact of Disability Benefits on Labor Supply: Evidence from the VA's Disability Compensation Program
with David H. Autor, Mark Duggan, Kyle Greenberg: w21144
Combining administrative data from the U.S. Army, Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the U.S. Social Security Administration, we analyze the effect of the VA’s Disability Compensation (DC) program on veterans’ labor force participation and earnings. The largely unstudied Disability Compensation program currently provides income and health insurance to almost four million veterans of military service who suffer service-connected disabilities. We study a unique policy change, the 2001 Agent Orange decision, which expanded DC eligibility for Vietnam veterans who had served in-theatre to a broader set of conditions such as type 2 diabetes. Exploiting the fact that the Agent Orange policy excluded Vietnam era veterans who did not serve in-theatre, we assess the causal effects of DC eligibi...

Published: David H. Autor & Mark Duggan & Kyle Greenberg & David S. Lyle, 2016. "The Impact of Disability Benefits on Labor Supply: Evidence from the VA's Disability Compensation Program," American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, vol 8(3), pages 31-68. citation courtesy of

June 2002Women, War and Wages: The Effect of Female Labor Supply on the Wage Structure at Mid-Century
with Daron Acemoglu, David H. Autor: w9013
This paper investigates the effects of female labor supply on the wage structure. To identify variation in female labor supply, we exploit the military mobilization for World War II, which drew many women into the workforce as males exited civilian employment. The extent of mobilization was not uniform across states, however, with the fraction of eligible males serving ranging from 41 to 54 percent. We find that in states with greater mobilization of men, women worked substantially more after the War and in 1950, though not in 1940. We interpret these differentials as labor supply shifts induced by the War. We find that increases in female labor supply lower female wages, lower male wages, and increase the college and premium and male wage inequality generally. Our findings indicate that ...

Published: Acemoglu, Daron, Davidh. Autor and David Lyle. "Women, War, And Wages: The Effect Of Female Labor Supply On The Wage Structure At Midcentury," Journal of Political Economy, 2004, v112(3,Jun), 497-551. citation courtesy of

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