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Moscow, Russia

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NBER Working Papers and Publications

April 2015Estimation of Treatment Effects from Combined Data: Identification versus Data Security
with Tatiana Komarova, Denis Nekipelov
in Economic Analysis of the Digital Economy, Avi Goldfarb, Shane M. Greenstein, and Catherine E. Tucker, editors
The security of sensitive individual data is a subject of indisputable importance. One of the major threats to sensitive data arises when one can link sensitive information and publicly available data. In this paper the authors demonstrate that even if the sensitive data are never publicly released, the point estimates from the empirical model estimated from the combined public and sensitive data may lead to a disclosure of individual information. Their theory builds on the work in Komarova, Nekipelov and Yakovlev (2011) where they analyze the individual disclosure that arises from the releases of marginal empirical distributions of individual data. The disclosure threat in that case is posed by the possibility of a linkage between the released marginal distributions. In this chapter, they...
July 2014The Long-Run Effects of a Public Policy on Alcohol Tastes and Mortality
with Lorenz Kueng: w20298
We study the long-run effects of Russia's anti-alcohol campaign, which dramatically altered the relative supply of hard and light alcohol in the late 1980s. We find that this policy shifted young men's long-run preferences from hard to light alcohol decades later and we estimate the age at which consumers form their tastes. We show that the large beer market expansion in the late 1990s had similar effects on young consumers' tastes, while older consumers' tastes remained largely unchanged. We then link these long-run changes in alcohol consumption patterns to changes in male mortality. The shift from hard to light alcohol reduced incidences of binge drinking substantially, leading to fewer alcohol- related deaths. We conclude that the resulting large cohort differences in current alcohol c...
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