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NBER Working Papers and Publications

July 2020Enforcing Payment for Water and Sanitation Services in Nairobi’s Slums
with Aidan Coville, Paul Gertler, Susumu Yoshida: w27569
February 2020Trust and Saving in Financial Institutions
with Paul Gertler, Camila Navajas Ahumada: w26809
November 2019Where Have All the Children Gone? An Empirical Study of Child Abandonment and Abduction in China
with Xiaojia Bao, Kai Li, Cheryl Long: w26492
Assessing External Validity
with Hao Bo: w26422
October 2019Poverty Alleviation Strategies Under Informality: Evidence for Latin America
with Martín Caruso, Federico Weinschelbaum: w26339

Published: Martin Caruso Bloeck & Sebastian Galiani & Federico Weinschelbaum, 2019. "Poverty alleviation strategies under informality: evidence for Latin America," Latin American Economic Review, Springer;Centro de Investigaciòn y Docencia Económica (CIDE), vol. 28(1), pages 1-40, December. citation courtesy of

September 2019Persuasive Propaganda during the 2015 Argentine Ballotage
with Rafael Di Tella, Ernesto Schargrodsky: w26321
September 2018Differences in citation patterns across journal tiers: The case of economics
with María Victoria Anauati, Ramiro H. Gálvez: w25101

Published: María Victoria Anauati & Sebastian Galiani & Ramiro H. Gálvez, 2020. "DIFFERENCES IN CITATION PATTERNS ACROSS JOURNAL TIERS: THE CASE OF ECONOMICS," Economic Inquiry, vol 58(3), pages 1217-1232. citation courtesy of

January 2018Aspiration Adaptation in Resource-Constrained Environments
with Paul J. Gertler, Raimundo Undurraga: w24264
November 2017Educational Upgrading and Returns to Skills in Latin America: Evidence from a Supply-Demand Framework
with Guillermo Cruces, Pablo Acosta, Leonardo C. Gasparini: w24015

Published: Pablo Acosta & Guillermo Cruces & Sebastian Galiani & Leonardo Gasparini, 2019. "Educational upgrading and returns to skills in Latin America: evidence from a supply–demand framework," Latin American Economic Review, Springer;Centro de Investigaciòn y Docencia Económica (CIDE), vol. 28(1), pages 1-20, December. citation courtesy of

September 2017Long-Term Care in Latin America and the Caribbean? Theory and Policy Considerations
with Martín Caruso, Pablo Ibarrarán: w23797

Published: "Long-term care in Latin America? Theory and policy considerations." Economia, Journal of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association, Volume 20, 2019, pages 1-32

July 2017Incentives for Replication in Economics
with Paul Gertler, Mauricio Romero: w23576

Published: How to make replication the norm, Nature, Volume 554, 2018, pages 417-419

May 2017The Life Cycle of Scholarly Articles across Fields of Research
with Ramiro H. Gálvez: w23447

Published: "An empirical approach based on quantile regression for estimation citation ageing." Journal of Infometrics, Volume 13, 2019, pages 738-750.

January 2017When Children Rule: Parenting in Modern Families
with Matthew Staiger, Gustavo Torrens: w23087
December 2016The Effects of Non-Contributory Pensions on Material and Subjective Well Being
with Rosangela Bando, Paul Gertler: w22995

Published: Rosangela Bando & Sebastian Galiani & Paul Gertler, 2020. "The Effects of Noncontributory Pensions on Material and Subjective Well-Being," Economic Development and Cultural Change, University of Chicago Press, vol. 68(4), pages 1233-1255. citation courtesy of

October 2016Crime and Durable Goods
with Laura Jaitman, Federico Weinschelbaum: w22788

Published: Sebastian Galiani & Laura Jaitman & Federico Weinschelbaum, 2020. "Crime and durable goods," Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, vol 173, pages 146-163. citation courtesy of

Why Not Taxation and Representation? A Note on the American Revolution
with Gustavo Torrens: w22724

Published: "Why not taxation and representation? A note on the American Revolution." Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Volume 166, 2019, pages 28-52

September 2016Voter Response to Peak and End Transfers: Evidence from a Conditional Cash Transfer Experiment
with Nadya Hajj, Patrick J. McEwan, Pablo Ibarraran, Nandita Krishnaswamy: w22588

Published: Sebastian Galiani & Nadya Hajj & Patrick J. McEwan & Pablo Ibarrarán & Nandita Krishnaswamy, 2019. "Voter Response to Peak and End Transfers: Evidence from a Conditional Cash Transfer Experiment," American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, vol 11(3), pages 232-260. citation courtesy of

August 2016The Deregularization of Land Titles
with Ernesto Schargrodsky: w22482

Published: Galiani Sebastian & Schargrodsky Ernesto, 2016. "The Deregularization of Land Titles," Man and the Economy, De Gruyter, vol. 3(2), pages 169-188, December. citation courtesy of

July 2016External and Internal Validity of a Geographic Quasi-Experiment Embedded in Cluster-Randomized Experiment
with Patrick J. McEwan, Brian Quistorff: w22468

Published: Internal and external validity of a geographical quasi-experiment embedded in a randomized control experiment, in Advances in Econometrics, Volume 38, M. Cattaneo and J. C. Escanciano (eds.), North-Holland, 2016

April 2016Stirring Up a Hornets' Nest: Geographic Distribution of Crime
with Ivan Lopez Cruz, Gustavo Torrens: w22166

Published: Sebastian Galiani & Ivan Lopez Cruz & Gustavo Torrens, 2018. "Stirring up a hornets’ nest: Geographic distribution of crime," Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, vol 152, pages 17-35. citation courtesy of

The Effect of Aid on Growth: Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment
with Stephen Knack, Lixin Colin Xu, Ben Zou: w22164

Published: Sebastian Galiani & Stephen Knack & Lixin Colin Xu & Ben Zou, 2017. "The effect of aid on growth: evidence from a Quasi-experiment," Journal of Economic Growth, Springer, vol. 22(1), pages 1-33, March. citation courtesy of

January 2016Horizontal and Vertical Conflict: Experimental Evidence
with Cheryl Long, Camila Navajas, Gustavo Torrens: w21857

Published: Sebastian Galiani & Cheryl Long & Camila Navajas Ahumada & Gustavo Torrens, 2019. "Horizontal and Vertical Conflict: Experimental Evidence," Kyklos, vol 72(2), pages 239-269. citation courtesy of

June 2015On the Effect of the Costs of Operating Formally: New Experimental Evidence
with Marcela Meléndez, Camila Navajas: w21292

Published: Galiani, Sebastian & Meléndez, Marcela & Ahumada, Camila Navajas, 2017. "On the effect of the costs of operating formally: New experimental evidence," Labour Economics, Elsevier, vol. 45(C), pages 143-157. citation courtesy of

The Political Economy of Trade and International Labor Mobility
with Gustavo Torrens: w21274
International Organizations and Structural Reforms
with Ivan Torre, Gustavo Torrens: w21237

Published: "International Organizations and Structural Reforms." Journal of International Economics, Volume 121, Nov. 2019

April 2015The Half-Life of Happiness: Hedonic Adaptation in the Subjective Well-Being of Poor Slum Dwellers to a Large Improvement in Housing
with Paul J. Gertler, Raimundo Undurraga: w21098

Published: Sebastian Galiani, Paul J Gertler, Raimundo Undurraga; The Half-Life of Happiness: Hedonic Adaptation in the Subjective Well-Being of Poor Slum Dwellers to the Satisfaction of Basic Housing Needs, Journal of the European Economic Association, , jvx042,

February 2015Collective Action: Experimental Evidence
with María Victoria Anauati, Brian Feld, Gustavo Torrens: w20936

Published: Anauati, María Victoria & Feld, Brian & Galiani, Sebastian & Torrens, Gustavo, 2016. "Collective action: Experimental evidence," Games and Economic Behavior, Elsevier, vol. 99(C), pages 36-55. citation courtesy of

April 2014On the Distributive Costs of Drug-Related Homicides
with Nicolás Ajzenman, Enrique Seira: w20067

Published: Nicolas Ajzenman & Sebastian Galiani & Enrique Seira, 2015. "On the Distributive Costs of Drug-Related Homicides," The Journal of Law and Economics, vol 58(4), pages 779-803.

The Causal Effect of Competition on Prices and Quality: Evidence from a Field Experiment
with Matias Busso: w20054

Published: Matias Busso & Sebastian Galiani, 2019. "The Causal Effect of Competition on Prices and Quality: Evidence from a Field Experiment," American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, vol 11(1), pages 33-56. citation courtesy of

March 2014Fiscal Federalism and Legislative Malapportionment: Causal Evidence from Independent but Related Natural Experiments
with Iván Torre, Gustavo Torrens: w19995

Published: Sebastian Galiani & Iván Torre & Gustavo Torrens, 2016. "Fiscal Federalism and Legislative Malapportionment: Causal Evidence from Independent but Related Natural Experiments," Economics and Politics, Wiley Blackwell, vol. 28(1), pages 133-159, 03. citation courtesy of

February 2014The Political Coase Theorem: Experimental Evidence
with Gustavo Torrens, Maria Lucia Yanguas: w19943

Published: Galiani, Sebastian & Torrens, Gustavo & Yanguas, Maria Lucia, 2014. "The Political Coase Theorem: Experimental evidence," Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Elsevier, vol. 103(C), pages 17-38. citation courtesy of

January 2014Non-Contributory Pensions
with Paul Gertler, Rosangela Bando: w19775

Published: Galiani, Sebastian & Gertler, Paul & Bando, Rosangela, 2016. "Non-contributory pensions," Labour Economics, Elsevier, vol. 38(C), pages 47-58. citation courtesy of

August 2013Autocracy, Democracy and Trade Policy
with Gustavo Torrens: w19321

Published: Galiani, Sebastian & Torrens, Gustavo, 2014. "Autocracy, democracy and trade policy," Journal of International Economics, Elsevier, vol. 93(1), pages 173-193. citation courtesy of

Shelter from the Storm: Upgrading Housing Infrastructure in Latin American Slums
with Paul Gertler, Ryan Cooper, Sebastian Martinez, Adam Ross, Raimundo Undurraga: w19322

Published: Galiani, Sebastián & Gertler, Paul J. & Undurraga, Raimundo & Cooper, Ryan & Martínez, Sebastián & Ross, Adam, 2017. "Shelter from the storm: Upgrading housing infrastructure in Latin American slums," Journal of Urban Economics, Elsevier, vol. 98(C), pages 187-213. citation courtesy of

July 2010Crime Distribution and Victim Behavior during a Crime Wave
with Rafael Di Tella, Ernesto Schargrodsky
in The Economics of Crime: Lessons for and from Latin America, Rafael Di Tella, Sebastian Edwards, and Ernesto Schargrodsky, editors
November 2008Reality versus Propaganda in the Formation of Beliefs about Privatization
with Rafael Di Tella, Ernesto Schargrodsky: w14483

Published: Di Tella, Rafael & Galiani, Sebastian & Schargrodsky, Ernesto, 2012. "Reality versus propaganda in the formation of beliefs about privatization," Journal of Public Economics, Elsevier, vol. 96(5), pages 553-567. citation courtesy of

Political Centralization and Urban Primacy: Evidence from National and Provincial Capitals in the Americas
with Sukkoo Kim
in Understanding Long-Run Economic Growth: Geography, Institutions, and the Knowledge Economy, Dora L. Costa and Naomi R. Lamoreaux, editors
June 2007Why Has Unemployment Risen in the New South Africa
with Abhijit Banerjee, Jim Levinsohn, Zoë McLaren, Ingrid Woolard: w13167

Published: Abhijit Banerjee & Sebastian Galiani & Jim Levinsohn & Zoë McLaren & Ingrid Woolard, 2008. "Why has unemployment risen in the New South Africa?," The Economics of Transition, The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, vol. 16(4), pages 715-740, October. citation courtesy of

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